What is the matrix?

You may think that the system is your enemy. It is not.
The system is nothing more that the world of fiction. The world of paper. Birth certificates, drivers licences, businesses, corporations, trusts, permits, … These are all parts of the matrix.
“Good” and “evil” (do you see the duality?) are the only two players of the same game, which is the matrix.  A growing part of the alt media lets you believe that the different factions that make up the evil side is now fighting each other, while good is winning the entire battle. Wrong. Behind the screens, they are still cooperating, both “good” and “evil”. Off course nobody is going to tell you that. They are still following orders of the architect of the entire system, including the “good” side of the matrix. Marduk (also known as Amen-Ra) used to be the guardian of this system. Some believe he/she/it was removed in recent years.
The “good” side is in this case Manna World Holding Trust with Kimberley Goguen as trustee and everyone who “believe” in that. Their plan is to implement a new financial system, if it hasn’t happened already. Basicly the concept of money is still being used. The concept of ownership (another paper fiction) will not be touched by that trust either. Neither will the concept of calendars (yet another paper fiction).
The “evil” side is made up of the factions Zionists, Nazi’s, Asians, Freemasons and the Gnostics. All five seem to be fighting each other to give you the impression that the “good” side is winning.
In the end the architects of the matrix will have what they always wanted: full control over the planet and everything and everyone on it. Or so they think.
There is an expression where I come from: when two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third is walking away with it.
That third one is the one observing the matrix. Yes, there is a third party. That party consists of those who left the matrix all together. If you are one of them, please let me know.
You can choose not to play that game.
The way to exit the matrix will be published when the time is right.

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