Two worlds

Anyone following Thomas Williams hears him mentioning “their world” and “our world” in his radio show on a regular basis.
Their world means the world of the cabal: mainstream media, drug companies, banks, etc. Our world means the natural world, compassion, organic food, etc. As far as I understand it.
I have a different definition of that all together.

“Their world”:

WHICH-BUSINESS-ENTITY-IS-RIGHT-FOR-ME2-440x321One part is the world of paper. The only paper entity in existence to my knowlegde is a trust. Corporations, non-profits, cities, countries, governments, agencies, departments, … and natural persons. These are all trusts. All of them have a number and a name.
Also part of that world: money in all its forms, permits, licences, all sorts of documents, the concept of property, deeds, titles of all kinds, taxes, fines, etc. Further explanation about trusts below.
Another part of their world is a world in which destruction, desease, sacrifice, scarcity, death and other dark, negative things are the norm.

Some explanation about trusts.

If you do some digging, then you will find that any single government is registered somewhere in a register. It has an address, name and ID-number. Below you can see the example of the state of Belgium:
Belgische staat trust
The rest can be seen on this website.
As you can see next to “entity type”, State of Belgium is a legal person since day one of its creation. There are several types of legal persons. Coca Cola is a legal person as well, be it in a different form.
In the case of “the state of Belgium”: the parliament (a subdivision of the state of Belgium and a trust in and of itself) is the settlor of the natural person, because it makes the rules. The Treasury department is one of the trustees. It collects the fees under the disguise of taxes. Another trustee can be the social security department. It also collects fees and at the same time hands out benefits of all kinds. The justice department is the protector. It should make sure the rules are met by all parties involved. I still don’t know who the benificiary is. Do you? I suspect there is another trust involved with a similar name as the natural person.
Now check the name Ruben Decloedt. Next to “entity type” you will find: “natural person”.
This means that a natural person is not a living breathing man. A trust only exists on a piece of paper, which is 2D. A man ony exists in at least 3D, which is the fysical world.
Every single entity you can find on the above mentioned website is a trust.
A trust has at least 3 parties: a beneficiary, a trustee and a settlor. Before you can enlist for any of those functions, you must give a name. But how do you prove ownership of any name, including the name you use every day? In my opinion, you simply can’t. Which means that only another trust can furfill any of those functions.
Definition of entity by Blacks law 5th edition page 477:

“A real being; existence. An organization or being that possesses separate existence for tax pur­poses. Examples would be corporations, partner­ships, estates and trusts. The accounting entity for which accounting statements are prepared may not be the same as the entity defined by law. An existence apart, such as a corporation in rela­tion to its stockholders. Entity includes person, estate, trust, governmental unit. Bankruptcy Act, § 101(14).”

So an enitity is dead. As in not alive. That’s why it needs a lawyer, accountant or a notary public to do the paperwork.
Therefore: no man alive (or dead) can be beneficiary of any trust.

Human being vs man

It is said that human being means man. Man comes from mankind. Man translated into dutch means: mens. Mankind is mensheid. Human being literally means menselijk wezen. Which is a being resembling a man. In the paper world a natural person is supposed to resemble a man. Does that mean that a human being is less than a man? You tell me.

Manna World Holding Trust and Thomas Williams of the THI radio show.

The Manna World Holding Trust is exactly that. A trust. Kim Goguen, trustee of that trust, claims that all the people of the world are the beneficiary of all the assets held by said trust.
Considering what I just wrote about trusts, the word “people” must mean: natural persons. Which are trusts.
I don’t know what the endgoal is of those working for that trust. I do not really trust them. Same goes for Thomas Williams. I still keep my reservations.
Anyway: I’ll see where it goes.

Illuminati factions

I suspect that there are 7 factions in total. Not 5 plus mankind as Thomas claims. I believe that the unknown faction will be revealed rather sooner than later.
Why seven? Because of the number. It is all about numerology.


The cabal made it all very complex. Either you need a bunch of lawyers or a complex mind to figure it all out. And it takes a lot of study and lots of time and energy.

Get off your knees

It will take a lot of time to get rid of that world. The concept of government could be the first to go. Then property and finally money. All that may take a few generations to accomplish. You can speed that up by not supporting those currently in power. How? By not voting or paying (for) them. Not everyone is ready for that. You will know when you are. Don’t rush it, don’t force it. Let it come naturally. I already wrote how I did it a few months back. You can do the same.

“Our world”:

The natural world. The fysical planet, the sun, other planets, the universe, the galaxy, atoms, molecules, trees, plants, animals, mankind. Everything you see, feel, touch, smell, hear, taste or even notice with your third eye. Everything natural. Thoughts, all kinds of energies, love, compassion, etc.
The norm in this world is abundance, love, compassion, health, etc.
In this world you do not need any paperwork what so ever in order to live your life. Such as using a car, building a house, making a trip, making your passion come true.
To be continued …
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