Take your health in your own hands!! Both physical and mental.

Many people believe that you need to see a medical doctor or a specialist in order to heal. They claim that their doctor knows best. “Because he or she has a PhD in healthcare”. That doctor will prescribe some pills and/or vaccines that you need to take. Because they will heal you.

You have been lied to.

Those pills and vaccines are made by the pharmaceutical industry. Have you ever wondered what is inside those pills and vaccines? You might be very surprised to read that most of the ingredients are in fact poison. Their first goal is to make a profit. Where does that profit come from? Sick people for pills and healthy people for vaccines. That means that it is in their best interest to either keep you sick or to make you sick.

How do they make you sick?

First of all, no one ever got sick by lack of medication or vaccines. So why would someone need that shit to heal or stay healthy?
This is where almost the entire industry comes in. It starts shortly after birth. You get vaccinated (read: poisoned). Then when you arrive at school, you get indoctrinated to believe that everything is as it should be. That everything around you is normal. They teach you that you need to study, work hard, save, get married, work even harder, have children, etc. And that the food in the supermarket is perfectly healthy.
They put a ton of chemicals in your food that do not belong in your body. Then they claim it is harmless. They make sure you get stressed. Stress shuts down your immune system. Dr Bruce Lipton explains:

It does not end there. They claim that the sun is harmfull for your health. Then they gave you a solution: sunlotion and sunglasses (I have neither of them). Over half of the energy your body needs, is solar energy. So how can the sun be harmfull?

Also the media is helping with making you sick. Most of what you see and read is bad news. They also make you afraid. Fear releases a hormone (cortisol) that pulls your vibrational energy (frequency) down. That makes it easier for them to control and enslave you.
Everything the pharma maffia produces is poison. Some even lethal.

Also positive thinking benefits your health. How this works will be explained in a later article.

In the next article I will explain how to raise your own frequency.

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