My response to Thomas Williams

In his last show, Thomas Williams accuses me for not trusting him without calling me by name. Perhaps next time he should. He claims that 90% of the contents on this website comes from his show.

Thomas WilliamsMr Williams, did you count the number of articles on this website? Have checked the date of creation of this website? I don’t think you did. Because if you did, then you will know that there are over 400 articles on this website and a bunch of pages as well. I’ve known your material since halfway 2016. More than half of all the articles is written before that. Only a dozen or so articles contain your name. This website started 6 (!) years ago. So where did you get that 90%? Please explain this below in the comment section.

In an earlier show he claimed that common law and natural law are the same. It’s clearly not. In common law you have written rules, judges, titles, courthouses, etc. While in natural law there are no such things. Mark Passio can explain to you how natural law works in an 8 hour seminar. The explanation about common law can be found everywhere on the internet. I’m sure that Mark Passio has been or will be “exposed” by Thomas as well at one point.
While I was writing my last article, I knew instinctively that Thomas would remove me from his club, which he did. After posting my article on my timeline on Mewe, I made a reference to it in the THI chatgroup on Mewe. Then the attacks began. Below the post, he named me arrogant, self-serving and something else I can’t remember. Immediatly after that, I realised that my relation with THI was over. So I removed myself from the THI Holland group on facebook and Mewe and also from the THI main group on Mewe. Then I found out that TW removed and blocked me from the THI main group on facebook. Then, I removed that post along with the comments. Maybe I should have left it there for everyone to see.

Mr Williams, if you can’t handle different opinions about what you are claiming, then why did you start a radio show to begin with? I await your reply in the comment section. Each time you attack me, you will be rewarded with an article like this one. I hope you enjoy the biting back.

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