Is 5G mass genocide?


… is what David Icke is saying in the video below.

The document David is referring to can be found below.


What David is saying can also be concluded from a tweet Donald Trump published in february about 5G:

Trump over 5G en 6G

It is thanks to Katherine Horton (I don’t use titles) of that I came across this tweet. Thank you for that. You can see and hear it for your self:

Katherine talks about a technology called RADWIN 5000 lauched by a company with the name T3wireless inc.

In the comment section below this video you see this: “Radwin – RAdiation Death Weapon INstrument”

In that same video, you also see where there antenna’s were deployed. Everywhere. Including Russia and China.

Where was 5G developed? In Israel. See below:

You also might want to listen to this man:

The global crime syndicate, as Katherine Horton calls them, are planning to wipe the planet. I.e. to kill everyone. That is what she says in one of her video’s.

The same message is shown in the movie “Jupiter Ascending”, a must watch.

How do you protect yourself from 5G? By moving to a forest. Or by not cutting down large trees.

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