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Because of the length of this article there won’t be a dutch version. This article is also published on my personal blog:
Many people still nicely obey the “almighty” law. They pay there taxes, they pay there loans, they pay all the fines they get and the list goes on and on.
“But why?” you might ask yourself. If they don’t they get punished. That punishment could be a penal duty, a fine or even imprisonment. Or a combination. They don’t do anything not allowed by that law out of fear to be punished. They don’t want to be in harms way.
But how can you get a human being afraid. Not long ago I published an article about the effects of meat consumption on the consiousness. Below a part of it:

When an animal looks death in the eye, then fear kicks in. Fear is a negative energy. A substance is being released in the body of that animal. When you consume that meat, you also get that substance. Consequently your vibration goes down. The more meat you eat, the lower your vibration goes. As your vibration goes down, it gets easier fear and thus control you.

Other ways to keep your vibration low:
Media: Trough TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, the clows keep repeating how good they are and that they will care for you. No thanks, I can take care of myself.
Education: That is where it all starts. It can’t start early enough. You have to go to school to get smart, is what they claim. I will get my knowlegde elsewhere, thank you very much.
Medical branch: You need to see a doctor to heal. While your body is a selfhealing organism.
Food: Meat, dairy and other food of a regular supermarket is heavily promoted as being healthy as if they love doing so. Or so they claim. On top of that, food in a regular store is cheaper that the same food in an organic store. Just to force you to buy that poisoned food.
In the meantime I’ve learned that most of their claims are lies.
In a previous article I wrote this:

Since I live in the forest, I’ve had, trough my dreams, six warnings for people who intended to harm me. The first two attempts succeeded. Then I received a tip of Thomas Williams (thank you for that). As soon as I wake up, I think: “This ain’t going to happen.” And it actually doesn’t happen. Consequently the four last attempts to harm me failed. The last one was to put me on the wanted list. (Is there another way to put this?) The three before that where to arrest me for unpaid traffic fines.

How did I manage to do this?

  1. I quit eating meat, fish and dairy. Today I eat a lot healthier than ever before. My food comes primarily from an organic store.
  2. I quit watching TV. I don’t even have one. Nor do I listen to radio, read newpapers and the likes.
  3. I changed my environment. I moved to a forest, in which there is much less radiation.
  4. I quit living by someone else’s rules, norms and values.
  5. I’ve started thinking for myself. Something that is considered taboo by many, unfortunately.
  6. I’ve quit wearing a battery driven watch. Did you know that the quartz crystal in such a watch is oscillating at a frequency of 32768 Hz? That interferes with the frequency of your own body, which is around 5 to 10Hz according to Harvard University.

This is your ticket out of the matrix. Don’t let anyone else let you tell anything different. Most of them are New Age Guru’s.


Some or many of you want to be a sovereign, I assume. Thomas Williams explained in various shows what it takes to be a sovereign and also what true sovereignty means. Which is taking personal responsibility, like I do. Stop living by someone else’s rules, norms or values. Stop acting as a slave.
You want to be a sovereign, start acting like one. That is the only way to become a true sovereign.

Message to the clowns in and around the acting government of the State of Belgium:

The very word “government” means literally: mind control. That does no longer have any effect on me. So don’t bother trying.
Stop forcing me to do your bidding. You are wasting your time and a mountain filled with resources. You’d better use those resources to round up paedophiles like Elio Di Rupo. Most of the time he can be found in the mayor’s office of the city of Mons, Belgium. For those who preferred to stay ignorant: recently he was found guilty of paedophilia by the ITCCS.
Stop demanding me money to fund your criminal friends. If you do want some money, then make a request. I might even consider it.

Message to all:

Currently I live from government benefits. Such benefits can be taken away. I’d like to get rid of them. I can only do that when I have an other source of income to replace them.
My plan is to restart my activities as an independant watchmaker, which I already did by now. Not to build watches, but to fix them. There are two things which are missing: the funds to start and a good affordable location. If you have or know a good affordable location in the town of Zedelgem, Belgium, please let me know. As for the funds: I could borrow them.
In the mean time, if you wish to support me financially, there are four ways to do so:

  1. Cash, if and when you visit me. Just let me know, when you do. There is room for 1 small tent;
  2. By sending in your watch to repair. All information can be found here.
  3. Sell me your scrap gold and silver.

My name is ruben decloedt. Signing off.
P.S. If you wish, I can also guide you spiritually. I’m still learning myself, but I already know the basics.

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