Where does the heat on earth comes from?

heat on earth

Recently I listened once again to part 1 of the Humanity Unplugged podcast of Thomas Williams.

This is one of the things he said:

Given the reduced activity since construct collapsed suggests our Sun was part of the construct also, I always knew it was not as it appears from a young age, I used to stare at it and as I observed it, I did not see it as a ball in the sky, but I could see it as a hole in the sky, when I lowered my focus on it, I could peer into the sun and see the black spot in the center, at that age I thought everyone saw it that way, but was not until later years I was told absolutely not, what you were observing was the singularity of the portal, it hass a cone shape on either side of the singularity, and where space travel between the various galaxies actually takes place, this is where the wave is coming through.

This got me thinking, well is it possible the sun is not our source of heat then? as always puzzled me as to why when you take off on a plane, why does the temperature drop? you have left the planet but it is now colder? astronauts tell us space is much colder again, so the further you go out from the planet the less heat you experience.
So I thought again, the only solution to that is, the heat is coming from the planet itself, a hot inner sun, which can also double as the engine for space travel, when we relearn how to operate it, why go in crafts with the few, when you can go with an all purpose built planetary craft, as I understand it this planet was originally created in Ursa Minor and brought here.
You dont think that is possible? look at the moon, look at Phobos (aka death star) and Diemos both around Mars, both have fixed orbits that defy all laws of science, with only one side only facing the planet, plus you have two satellites of Saturn, Janus and Epimetheus, sharing the same orbit.
They are about the same distance from the planet and orbit at about the same speed. However, they never overtake each other or collide. Technically, astronomers say that they are in a “1:1 orbital resonance,” or “horseshoe orbit.”
These cannot be explained away as some anomaly, because they are not, they were driven there, as in hollowed out craft and placed in specific orbits, for specific purposes, none of which was beneficial to us.
Back to our heat source and earth, out of the north pole comes a torus field looks like an apple and it goes down to the equator, out of the south pole is a torus field that goes up to the equator, so both torus field meet at the equator, now if correct, the source of those torus emanating from vents at each pole is carrying heat, it then explains why the equator is the hottest region of this planet, the northern and southern lights seen at both poles is the elements from the inner heat source coming from within the planet itself.
Remember our planet is stated to be 23* off center, so if the sun was the heat source the equator would not run around the center of the globe but would be angled at 23* and would be in a wave pattern to resemble the wobble the earth does, due to being off center.”

This piece got me thinking. Heat is always the result of the conversion of some form of energy. Heat it self can not travel without a carrier. Because heat is caused by the movement of molecules. In space there are not enough molecules to pass on the heat of the sun.

Actually the sun is in a sense the source of the heat on earth.
Have you ever noticed that sound travels easier at night than during the day? What is absent at night which is not during the day? Right, light. So, could it be that those light photons have a mass? Could it be that light makes molecules of air to move and thus cause heat because of the friction of those molecules?

As you all know, the light rays from the sun bounces off the planet’s surface. Mostly in an angle. What happens to the molecules on the location where that light bounces off straight up? How hot will it get? And what about on the earth’s poles?


The Dark Side of LED Lighting

The article below originally appeared on Return to Now.

LED lights are making us blind and wreaking havoc on our endocrine systems, peer-reviewed studies show… Leading photobiologist recommends switching back to sunlight, candles and incandescent bulbs.

One of the world’s top photobiologists has been trying to warn the public for years about the dangers of the government-mandated phasing out of incandescent lighting.

While LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are up to 95 percent more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, we are paying for that savings with our health.

A physician and lecturer at Wismar University in Germany, Alexander Wunsch is an international consultant to governments, medical facilities and the lighting industry.

His message, though often ignored, is clear: blue light, isolated from all the other colors on the light spectrum, is damaging our retinas and disrupting our endocrine systems, resulting in all sorts of physical and mental illness.

It’s not a message the LED industry, governments looking to cut carbon emissions, or consumers saving money on electricity want to hear. But, as this Harvard Medical School report says, it is “backed up by study after study.”

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Ground yourself

earthing benefits

Why earthing?

In the last hundred or so years we have lost something vital for our health and well-being: our electrical connection to the Earth.  With the advent of rubber and plastic soled shoes, and insulating mattresses in insulating houses, we spend our days and nights disconnected from the Earth.

One only has to walk barefoot in the grass or on a beach to regain this connection and feel the nurturing effects, and yet in our modern lives it is not always practical to do so.  There is a very physical and scientifically verifiable reason why we feel better when we do this:

The Earth is a massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons.  Without a connection to this reservoir, the cells in our body are unable to balance the positive charge which results from things like electron-deficient free radicals.  The effect of excess positive charge in the blood can be seen very clearly by the way in which the cells are attracted to clump together (see Scientific Research).

There are various things we can do to balance this electron-deficiency, such as anti-oxidant rich foods and drinking living water.  But what has been largely overlooked until recently is receiving free electrons from the Earth.

It’s such a simple thing and yet the effect can be so profound.  In our modern lives we can’t always be outside and barefoot, and so the products offered on this website are designed to provide this electrical connection to the Earth in a convenient and practical way.


Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

There is another effect of grounding which is particularly relevant in our modern electrical world.  Our environment is full of a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, from computers, mobile phones & masts, radio & TV broadcasts, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, power lines, domestic wiring, and other electrical appliances.

This electromagnetic radiation induces voltages in our bodies, disrupting the trillions of subtle electrical communications which are a vital part of the function of our body’s systems.  By being grounded to the Earth we greatly reduce the levels of these induced voltages.  This video demonstrates this.

We are electrical beings, living on an electrical planet, and our connection is vital for our health and well_being.

Further information can be found here.

Zijn deze 3 wetsvoorstellen de gamechanger voor de Deep State?

Oorspronkelijk verschenen op Ellaster.nl


Het Trump-kabinet heeft drie belangrijke wetsvoorstellen ingediend, die wereldwijd voor grote veranderingen kunnen zorgen. De Verenigde Staten stapt uit de Verenigde Naties, legt corruptie van de Federal Reserve bloot en schaft de IRS en inkomstenbelasting af.

Het team van de Manna World Holding Trust heeft de afgelopen vier maanden aan een drietal recente wetsvoorstellen gewerkt. Thomas Williams zinspeelde al sinds eind vorig jaar dat men achter de schermen grote wetswijzigingen aan het voorbereiden was. Met de wetsvoorstellen H.R. 204 (terugtrekking uit de Verenigde Naties), H.R. 24 (audit en opheffing Federal Reserve Bank) en H.R 25 (opheffing IRS belastingdienst en afschaffing inkomstenbelasting), worden deze aankondigingen concreet. Wanneer aangenomen, zullen deze wetswijzigingen niet alleen leiden tot een grote koerswijziging binnen de VS, maar ook internationaal enorme impact hebben.

H.R 204: Amerika stapt uit de Verenigde Naties

Het wetsvoorstel H.R. 204* is een van de belangrijkste wetsvoorstellen uit de Amerikaanse geschiedenis. Het baant niet alleen de weg vrij voor échte soevereiniteit (Amerika is nu, net als alle andere landen, sub-soeverein), maar kortwiekt ook voorheen invloedrijke organisaties zoals de Verenigde Naties, IMF, Wereldbank en de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie.

*) H.R. staat voor House of Representatives.

H.R. 204 in een notendop

  • Amerika zegt lidmaatschap en betrekkingen met Verenigde Naties op.
  • Het hoofdkantoor van de Verenigde Naties gaat uit New York en verdwijnt van de Amerikaanse bodem.
  • Er gaan geen fondsen meer naar de Verenigde Naties, noch naar organisaties zoals: Unesco, de IMF en de Wereldbank, die aan de VN verbonden zijn.
  • Amerika zal niet meer deelnemen aan VN ‘vredesoperaties’.
  • Amerika staakt deelname aan alle educatieve, wetenschappelijke en culturele organisaties en programma’s die onderdeel zijn van de VN.
  • Amerika trekt zich terug uit de VN milieuwet uit 1973 (United Nations Environment Program Participation Act).
  • Amerika trekt zich terug uit programma’s van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie.
  • Intrekking van de betrokkenheid bij alle verdragen en overeenkomsten van de Verenigde Naties.

Lees de volledige tekst van dit wetsvoorstel hier.

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A Farm For the Future

This article originally appeared on Permaculture.

In 2009, Rebecca Hosking and Tim Green made an hour long TV documentary for BBC2 called ‘A Farm For the Future’ exploring how peak oil will effect farming and food distribution and why permaculture design, forest gardening and other regenerative agriculture practices could help us to cope with soaring fossil fuel prices that drive current agriculture practices which relies on fertilisers, mechanisation and distribution by transitioning to organic practices, diversifying yields and relocalising food supply. Millions of people watched the first screening – so much so that the BBC rescreened the film within weeks. There were countless requests for the BBC to release a DVD of the film from all over the world but sadly they declined to do so. We are therefore posting this version of what has become a turning point for permaculture in the mainstream media.

With thanks to Tim and Rebecca for making this film and the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol for commissioning it. What is certain is that we need more films like this and more support for the innovative and talented film makers who make them.

That documentary can be seen below:


We clearly have to change drastically how we grow our food.

The truth about alcohol

Around the 26th minute in the above video Ra’s Al Ghul is mentioned. Could there be a link with Amun-Ra aka Marduk, who used to be the guardian of the matrix?

If you know the answer to that question, you may put it in the comments below.

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The origins of Halloween

You might think Halloween is something American. Think again. This video explains it:


You heard right. Even the Vatican is involved. That is for an other time.
However, there is something much more sinister taking place that day, as explained below.
Don’t pay any attention to the last two minutes of the below video. The real name of Jezus Christ was Radomir. More about that in a later article.

Yes, human sacrifice. On October 31st, a satanic high mass is taking place. Most likely in the Bohemian Grove.

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“Autism is a mental disorder.”

autismspeaksfslogoThat is what psycho people are making us to believe. An excerpt from Wikipedia:

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by troubles with social interaction and communication and by restricted and repetitive behavior.[3] Parents usually notice signs in the first two or three years of their child’s life.[1][3] These signs often develop gradually, though some children with autism reach their developmental milestones at a normal pace and then worsen.[9]

The Center of Disease Control claims something similar to the above.

More and more people are let to believe that vaccines are the cause of this. As always if something gets a lot of attention, there is something wrong with it. Some evil hand is behind it, most of the time.

Two days ago I saw the latest Predator movie. You might think that movies are onlythe predator fiction. However nothing is further from the truth. In most movies of the genre action, SF, fantasy, crime and the likes, there is more truth than in the 7 pm news on any tv channel. There is a female exobiologist in that movie. She said this: “Autism is not a disease, it is the next step in the human evolution.”

When producers put a claim like that in a movie, then most likely it is the truth. People with autism are the prequel to mankind 3.0. That’s a mix of mankind 1.0 and 2.0. Most people with “autism” have a good birds eye view over any situation. They also have a good eye for details. They hardly make any mistakes, when they are focussed to the task at hand.

As soon as they are on the mental plane, like me, they can not be harmed by anyone providing that they block any evil intention with a simple thought.

If you believe there is a mistake in the text above, please let me know.

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What is the matrix?

You may think that the system is your enemy. It is not.

The system is nothing more that the world of fiction. The world of paper. Birth certificates, drivers licences, businesses, corporations, trusts, permits, … These are all parts of the matrix.

“Good” and “evil” (do you see the duality?) are the only two players of the same game, which is the matrix. A growing part of the alt media lets you believe that the different factions that make up the evil side is now fighting each other, while good is winning the entire battle. Wrong. Behind the screens, they are still cooperating, both “good” and “evil”. Off course nobody is going to tell you that. They are still following orders of the architect of the entire system, including the “good” side of the matrix. Marduk (aka Amen-Ra) used to be the guardian of this system. Some believe he/she/it was removed in recent years.

The “good” side is in this case Manna World Holding Trust with Kimberley Goguen as trustee and everyone who “believe” in that. Their plan is to implement a new financial system, if it hasn’t happened already. Basicly the concept of money is still being used. The concept of ownership (another paper fiction) will not be touched by that trust either. Neither will the concept of calendars (yet another paper fiction).

The “evil” side is made up of the factions Zionists, Nazi’s, Asians, Freemasons and the Gnostics. All five seem to be fighting each other to give you the impression that the “good” side is winning.

In the end the architects of the matrix will have what they always wanted: full control over the planet and everything and everyone on it. Or so they think.

There is an expression where I come from: when two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third is walking away with it.

That third one is the one observing the matrix. Yes, there is a third party. That party consists of those who left the matrix all together. If you are one of them, please let me know.

You can choose not to play that game.

The way to exit the matrix will be published when the time is right.


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Bedankt, trollen.

trolDeze is speciaal gericht aan Ipsyllon, Peter Winterson, Johanna Van der Leur, of welke naam die entiteit tegenwoordig ook moge gebruiken. Ik weet niet eens of het een mens is, dan wel een artificiële intelligentie aangestuurd door GCHQ of afgeleiden daarvan.

Bedankt uit de grond van mijn hart. Door jouw/jullie getetter heb ik de kracht en de moed om verder te gaan zoals ik bezig ben.

Je noemde mijn vorig artikel wartaal. Tja, als je brein de ontwikkeling heeft van een foetus, dan kan ik wel begrijpen dat het zo overkomt. Misschien ben je wel een synth. Dat soort entiteit heeft geen ziel.

Jouw reactie werd niet gepubliceerd, omdat die ronduit respectloos en beledigend was. Maar dat zal waarschijnlijk het gevolg zijn van je hersenspoeling in het MK-Ultra programma van CIA en consoorten.

Verder wil ik je uitnodigen voor de taart op zondag 7 oktober bij mij thuis. Dat is volgende week. Dan kunnen we eens van gedachten wisselen. Dan kan ik ook eens zien welk gezicht er zich achter al die namen schuil gaat.

Het ga je verder goed in je miserabel leventje. Misschien wordt het nog wat. Tot volgende week.

Alle reacties worden gemodereerd. Respectloze en beledigende reacties worden niet gepubliceerd.

Do you still live in fear? – True souvereignity – Message to clowns – message to all

Because of the length of this article there won’t be a dutch version. This article is also published on my personal blog: rubenman.xyz

Many people still nicely obey the “almighty” law. They pay there taxes, they pay there loans, they pay all the fines they get and the list goes on and on.

“But why?” you might ask yourself. If they don’t they get punished. That punishment could be a penal duty, a fine or even imprisonment. Or a combination. They don’t do anything not allowed by that law out of fear to be punished. They don’t want to be in harms way.

But how can you get a human being afraid. Not long ago I published an article about the effects of meat consumption on the consiousness. Below a part of it:

When an animal looks death in the eye, then fear kicks in. Fear is a negative energy. A substance is being released in the body of that animal. When you consume that meat, you also get that substance. Consequently your vibration goes down. The more meat you eat, the lower your vibration goes. As your vibration goes down, it gets easier fear and thus control you.

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